Upminster Osteopathic Practice thanks all our clients for their kind words.

Our customers

“Thought I would give you an update on my progress. I have been back 7 days today and am still doing the exercises. I feel a lot better and stronger for doing them and I am sure that they have assisted in protecting the weakness in my back.
Thank you for your advice, it has certainly made a big difference to my recovery.” Mr H (via email, July 17)

“My back feels the best its felt for weeks this morning… Thanks for your time, effort & advice once again AndyMr G (via text message, August 14)

“I can totally recommend @upminsterosteo, he has sorted out my really painful foot nicely. Thanks Andy” @FleurUpminster (via Twitter 19 July 2014)

“Hello. Can’t say I am sorry not to have seen you lately.  You are a victim of your own success and my back and shoulder have been much, much better after your ministrations… I am trying to get some adaptions made to my desk/screen, etc, at work.  You kindly offered to send a letter recommending this.  I wonder if that offer is still open?” Mr D (via email, 27 August 13)

“Hi Andy, just wanted to let you know that after lots of the exercises that you advised N’s Hamstring muscle seems to be healed. The test was playing rugby last week and he was fine, so I just wanted to say a really big Thank You for all you help.” Mrs N (via text message, February 2013)

“Just wanted to thank you, I have had two days more or less pain free (just a little discomfort in the evening) You were spot on with three appointments and I would feel an improvement, it makes such a difference to be without pain. Thank you for all you have done for me.” Mrs M (via text message, September 2012)

“Just wanted to let you know that my back feels wonderful to-day. Still a bit stiff when I bend down and tender where you treated me, but it was all worthwhile. Many thanks!” Mrs P (via email, May 2012)

“…need to say thank you, even twinges gone! A completely new world, at last. Long may it last! Many thanks.” Mr B (via email, April 2012)

“Just to let you know, neck superb. Thanks Andy” Mr R (via email, January 2010)

Testimonials for Upminster Osteopathic Practice“I came to you with a knee problem a month or two ago. After a while of you examining my knees and me going for a run to recreate the problem you were able to determine a possible cause for the problem. I wanted to let you know that since then I have been doing those stretches you mentioned and have been a little kinder to my knees – giving them a little more resting time. Last Friday I managed to complete a run without any pains occurring in my knee which I was very happy about. This evening I decided to test things out and I did a few stretches before leaving for my normal route.

I am happy to say I arrived back home without any pain in my knee, so things are looking up, thanks to you. I plan on getting back into running and increasing my distances again – who knows I may be able to try a half marathon or a full one in the next year or so.

Thanks again for your help, being able to run again has really made a difference. Kind regards” Mr C (via email, June 2010)